Logo Design

Logos should be clean, clear and easily distinguished. A logo is the face of your business or organization, and in most cases, how you are identified.

  • Precise Construction Solutions

    Established in 2021, Precise Construction Solutions is a commercial and residential contracting company, focusing on both new construction and additions.

  • Texas A&M SGA Former Student Network

    In 2018, the Texas A&M Student Government Association Former Student Network was chartered through The Association of Former Students. For their logo, I took pieces of campus the Student Government Association's logo and retooled them for the Former Student Network.

  • 12 Under 12

    12 Under 12 is the yearly feature produced by Texas Aggie Magazine to spotlight twelve of the top graduates of Texas A&M University from the previous twelve years.

  • 12K Strong

    12K Strong was a fundraising campaign put on by The Association of Former Student to attempt to gain 12,000 donors from the graduates of Texas A&M University from the previous ten years (Young Alumni).

  • 125th Aggie Ring Anniversary

    2014 marked the 125th anniversary of the world famous Aggie Ring. This logo was used on a multitude of media pieces throughout the year. For those who are not familiar with the Aggie Ring, it is the college ring of Texas A&M. Over 94% of Texas A&M students order an Aggie Ring, which the production of is tightly controlled by The Association of Former Students.

  • The Big Event

    The Big Event is an international community outreach event in which students volunteer to provide the local community with manual labor to say "Thank You" for their support. While Texas A&M University initiated this event, it has spread to other universities around the globe, numerous of which use this logo.

  • Aggie Educator Network

    The Aggie Educator Network is a constituent network of The Association of Former Students, comprised of Texas A&M University alumni teachers from across the world.

  • Body & More

    Body & More was the health and lifestyle magazine of The Bryan/College Station Eagle Newspaper.

  • Home In Style

    This was the masthead for the Bryan/College Station home feature magazine. The magazine was produced by The Bryan/College Station Eagle Newspaper.

  • Aggie Mentoring Network

    Texas A&M Student mentoring network.

  • Greek Former Student Network

    Another constituent network of The Association of Former Students, the Greek Former Student Network is embodied by former students of Texas A&M University involved in a Greek organization.

  • TheCenturyTree.com

    TheCenturyTree.com was an attempt at a dot com startup by a local jeweler. While the company never got off the ground, the logo was a success.

  • Elephant Walk

    Elephant Walk is an old Tradition at Texas A&M University in which graduating seniors take one last walk around campus before becoming former students. While a different, simpler logo was ultimately chosen by the organization, this is still one of my favorite hand drawn logos produced.

  • Equine Partners Veterinary Services, PLLC

    A local veterinarian decided to venture out on his own, and I was asked to help establish an identity for his brand. This was logo he chose to move forward with.

  • Fort Worth / Tarrant County A&M Club

    A number of logo options for this club are still under review, but I believe this mark best captures the essence of the Texas A&M club.

  • Aggie Dance Marathon

    The Aggie Dance Marathon is an event produced by a Texas A&M University student organization to benefit the Children's Miracle Network.

  • Junior E-Walk

    Similar to Elephant Walk, Junior E-Walk is a tradition at Texas A&M University.

  • Schneeballen

    A local baker started a side business baking and selling schneeballen, a light pastry originating from Germany. While tabling at events, her banner displayed this logo.

  • Sea Aggie Former Student Network

    The Sea Aggies are the constituent network of The Association of Former Students associated with those who attended Texas A&M Galveston.

  • Sierra Nevada AMC

    A relatively newly formed A&M Club needed a logo to establish their identity. This is the product of their sketches and ideas.

  • The Press (Unused Option)

    While my favorite, this was one of the unused logo options for entertainment tabloid produced by The Bryan/College Station Eagle Newspaper.

  • The Press

    The Press, an entertainment tabloid produced by The Bryan/College Station Eagle Newspaper, was rebranded in the mid-2000s. This is the logo/masthead chosen to be the new identity piece.

  • Young Alumni Weekend Logo

    Young Alumni Weekend is essentially a large reunion for younger graduated classes of Texas A&M University. It was found that as the graduating classes got larger, the more the students associated with other classes around them. In turn, rather than having a reunion for a specific year, The Association of Former Students organizes a yearly Young Alumni Weekend to provide those younger former students an opportunity to get together for camaraderie.

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